Calling all American Patriots, World/Planetary Citizens, Champions of Democracy: It is clear we have reached the place where no further begging or asking or petitioning or demonstrating or demanding aimed at our present American leadership is going to work.

(They have figured out that all that only works if the media gives voice to it all, and they have completely subborned and captured and turned against us all what was once a free American media.)

This is end-game. Our present “leaders” do not represent us, and will not. What they have in mind for us is CAGES. The internet and our own individual voices, our own two feet, must be our media and our means to restore democracy.

There is ONE alternative to violence that will work if we can find the courage and energy to do it.


We. You and I. Us. In the present (2012) election cycle. Under cover of the coming and usual Presidential circus, we must stand for election to every seat in Congress and every seat in the Vermont Legislature as well, with no regard for political party or incumbancy or “experience”.

We will run on heart. And truth. And we will recruit others to run with us, all across America. The money to run and the staffing we will need will all be forthcoming once we prove ourselves to ourselves and to others by taking this stand, in numbers, as resolute American adults determined to recapture and rebuild the entire idea of Self-Government.

to be continued……