Jun 192011

Though the movement for Vermont’s political independence has been in existence for a number of years, its size and profile has been recently increasing. Last year, almost a dozen Vermonters openly ran for political office as advocates of independence, and the outreach done by their campaigns brought many fresh faces into the movement. Furthermore, we’ve also recently received an unprecedented level of coverage from the press, which culminated recently with Vermont being named by TIME Magazine as one of the world’s top ten “aspiring nations.”

To build upon these gains and bring the independence movement to the next level, we’re pleased to announce the formation of a new organization: the Vermont Independence Alliance (VIA). Intended to be grass-roots and democratic, VIA will provide a “big tent” under which the diverse supporters of a Free Vermont can organize locally around the following principles:

  1. Local Action: We believe that increasing the resilience, autonomy, and self-reliance of our communities is essential to the prosperity and happiness of the people of Vermont. We are therefore dedicated to supporting service projects which strengthen our communities and strive to meet local needs with local resources.

  3. Electoral Reform: We believe that the two-party system fails to honestly represent the interests of the people of Vermont; consequently, we support electoral reforms aimed at allowing for the true diversity of Vermonters’ opinions and ideas to be represented in a fair, multi-party political system.

  5. Political Independence: We believe that Vermont should return to its status as an independent republic through peaceful withdrawal from the United States of America, and affirm that such an act of self-determination is both legal and legitimate as long as it reflects the will of the people of our state. As such, we are committed to educating our fellow citizens about the advantages of independence, and actively back candidates for public office who support that goal.

In order to advance these shared principles, VIA chapters will first be organized in each of our state’s counties. These groups will serve as local hubs of both political activism and community service, forming the movement’s sturdy, grass-roots foundation. Once a sufficient number of counties are organized, a convention will be held to constitute a state-wide organization. While most resources and responsibilities will remain at the county level, the state organization will take the lead in coordinating large events and supporting state-wide candidates for public office.

If you support our principles and goals and would like to get involved in your county, please enter your information into the form here. Once enough people in your county have expressed interest in starting a VIA chapter, we will schedule an organizational meeting and help you get this project underway in your community!

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