What can you do to make your own Valentine’s Day surprise

Here’s how to surprise you on Valentine’s Day with a giant parcel. A giant parcel:
You’ll need at least 5 boxes. At least 5 boxes are required. The more boxes you can have the better it will be. Each box should have a gift. bread pillow It is important to ensure that every gift is put in the largest possible box. Finish the look with the most beautiful wrapping paper as well as an elegant bow.
2. A collection of stories
As you grow closer, you’ll accumulate lots of unforgettable memories that can be immortalised in photos, fragments of songs… There’s a lot of material that can be used to create a present like a memory card. How to make it: Pick a lovely box, as well as some decor. In it, you can store anything associated with your relationship such as letters of love, Christmas photographs, tickets from the film that you first saw together, etc…